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A Chef’s Life is a Peabody and Emmy award-winning docu-series on PBS that plunges audiences into the kitchen of a high-end restaurant located in the low country of eastern North Carolina. It follows the trials and travails of Chef Vivian Howard and her husband, Ben Knight, and their farm-to-table restaurant, Chef & the Farmer, exploring both traditional and modern applications of quintessential Southern ingredients.


Private Violence is an HBO feature-length documentary film and audience engagement campaign that explores a simple, but deeply disturbing fact that every day in the US, at least four women are murdered by abusive (and often, ex) partners. The knee-jerk response is to ask: “why doesn’t she just leave?” Private Violence shatters the brutality of this logic through the eyes of two survivors – Deanna Walters and Kit Gruelle.


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With over two decades of filmmaking experience, Markay Media is spearheading the next generation of documentary production. Producer/Director Cynthia Hill has assembled a talented and dedicated crew who share her commitment to creating internationally-recognized, award-winning work that uniquely chronicles the American landscape. Whether exploring the plight of a prodigal daughter who returns home to pursue a dream or the cause of two domestic violence survivors seeking justice, Markay Media boasts a roster of documentary films and docuseries that reveal the magnetism of characters rarely seen on television. By challenging assumptions and remaining authentic to stories from the field, this team draws audiences in, achieving intricately constructed portraits of everyday life.

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